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Between my crazy adventures exploring the Canadian Wilderness and my powerful passion to capture exquisite moments of calm that I see around me; I am constantly searching for that next masterpiece…the next oil painting to grace your walls


The deep, rich red of a Georgian Bay sunset, the stoic remnants of the once glorious cedars in swamps blanketed in crisp white snow and caressed in their Prussian blue shadows as the sun kisses the horizon, or the mysticism of the morning mist in Muskoka as it gently glides along the deep green of the trees and the dark waters of the lakes


Capturing our loved Furbabies can be difficult, they’re only with us for a short time. I do my best to bring out every twinkle in their eyes, strands of unruly hair, cherished collars…everything i can see and hear from you about your loved pet.

painted paddles

Have something special you want painted, or a memorable scene? How about it being painted on a canoe paddle?



I have always been different. From the unusual spelling of my name to the rare genetic condition called Arthrogryposis that affects the joints in my hands, I am unique. What others see as obstacles, I see as opportunities. I didn’t set out to be an artist. In fact, because of the Arthrogryposis in my hands, most people said I couldn’t. That only fueled and inspired me to show them that I could.  This, and my powerful passion to capture beauty, are the characteristics that have brought me to where I am today.  I am a self-taught painter. I attended the school of life-long learning; the school of patience, persistence and perseverance. It hasn’t come without challenges, but my drive to translate inner vision to outer reality compels me to work through my physical challenges. While I have taught myself to paint, the practice of painting has taught me that there’s nothing I can’t do. And it’s shown me there’s peace all around me and within me. Growing up on a farm in rural Ontario, I was surrounded by the beauty of nature. Influenced by the astounding beauty of the natural world, I’m inspired to capture these fleeting moments for you; to preserve them in paint. Whether it be the deep, rich red of a Georgian Bay sunset or the mysticism of the morning mist in Muskoka, my work captures the essence of the pure, powerful, raw beauty of nature. 

I am Myrhanda, and I am an artist.


Please bear with me, I am currently taking a leave of absence from painting while I raise my family. I do still have some pieces up for sale, if you are interested in purchasing one please reach out

leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible